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Our plan was to host a Virtual Conference March 29-31, but with the somewhat expected failure of the American Health Care Act in the House of Representatives, some of the sessions we had scheduled are no longer applicable, so we’ve decided to postpone the event until the end of May (May 23-25). This will give us time to learn about Plan B for President Trump, Paul Ryan, and our other elected officials and adjust our content accordingly. We’ll have the revised agenda posted soon. In the meantime, some of our scheduled speakers will be conducting industry updates to give you the information you need during this time of uncertainty. Please visit our Events Calendar for more information.

  • HEALTH REFORM 2017 will provide you with the information you need to succeed in a post-ACA world at a fraction of the cost of an in-person conference. Instead of asking you to travel across the country, we’re bringing the conference to you.

    If you’ve attended one or more insurance conferences in the past, you know that they have a few things in common:

    They’re expensive.

    Very. Usually you have to travel to a big city and stay in a big, fancy hotel. The “conference rate” might be $200 per night or more, plus you’ll pay for cab rides, food, and other expenses. Worst of all, the conference itself will set you back several hundred dollars.

    They’re time-consuming.

    And since time is money, this just adds to the cost. It’s hard for agents to leave the office for three or four days at a time. Perhaps that’s why some attendees spend half the conference outside the sessions putting out fires or returning important phone calls.

    Finding value is like panning for gold.

    Conferences are a great source of ideas. That’s why you attend—because somewhere along the way you’re likely to learn something that can help your business. But if you choose the wrong breakout session you might miss out on a winning idea.

    This conference is different!

    The goal of Health Reform 2017 is to minimize the bad stuff about conferences and focus on the good stuff. Our priority is content – an opening keynote, three general sessions, and a bunch of breakouts. You can watch them all (more than once if you like) or pick and choose what you’d like to attend—and best of all, you can do it on your own schedule. Many of the sessions will be conducted live, but they’ll also be recorded and can be viewed later.

    That’s the advantage of a virtual conference: you don’t have to go anywhere and it doesn’t have to interrupt your work schedule. This is especially important nowadays because everyone’s busy and there is no “slow time” of the year—yes, you need the info, but you can’t spare a lot of time. With this event, you can watch or re-watch the sessions at a time that’s convenient for you. You’ll have access to the recordings for a few weeks after the virtual conference.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Does this event qualify for CE credit?

    Health Reform 2017 is designed to provide you with critical information you need to better advise your clients and take advantage of the many opportunities that will arise if the ACA is repealed and replaced. Currently, there are no plans to include continuing education credit.

    Can we invite our clients?

    Because much of the content is targeted at brokers, we wouldn’t recommend inviting your clients to this conference. The information you learn, though, will help you better advise your clients about the coming changes and the strategies they should consider as a result.

    Can I pay a reduced amount if I only want to attend one or two sessions?

    No, there’s a single price for this event, one that we believe is very reasonable. Allowing people to register for just one or two breakouts would complicate the registration process. That said, we’re trying to make sure that the entire event will be beneficial. If you only watch a couple sessions, you might be missing out on some valuable information.

    Can my staff attend too?

    Absolutely! A special group rate is available if multiple people from the same office would like to attend. Email Eric for more information.

    Do I need to sign up for the sessions I’d like to attend?

    Yes and no. You will need to register via GoToWebinar for any of sessions you’d like to attend live. All sessions will be recorded, though, so you can watch them on your own time.

    How long will the recordings be available?

    The recordings will be available to conference attendees for 60 days after the event. After that, they’ll be included in the LearnBenefits Video Libraryand available to all standard and premium members.

    Will copies of the slides be available?

    The slides for many of the breakout sessions will be available to attendees in PDF format, as will some supplemental material. Some speakers consider their presentations proprietary and may choose not to share the slides.

    Are you planning additional virtual conferences?

    We are! We did two virtual conferences in 2016. This year we’re doing FOUR – two more three-day conferences and a one-day year-end wrap up. We hope you enjoy this online event and decide to join us for the other three. With a LearnBenefits premium membership, you’ll have access to all four virtual conferences and a ton of other information that will help you take advantage of the tremendous opportunity created by ACA repeal and replacement.

    What is LearnBenefits?

    LearnBenefits is the host of each Health Reform 2017 Virtual Conference. The site provides video training, broker tools, and other resources to help brokers succeed. Conference attendees will be asked to create a LearnBenefits account to sign up and to watch the sessions. Learn more.

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  • The agenda for our Health Reform 2017 Virtual Conference will be posted in the next two or three weeks. Please check back soon.
  • Our Health Reform 2017 Virtual Conference will be held Tuesday, May 23 — Thursday, May 25. A few of the sessions will be conducted as live webinars, but most will be pre-recorded and made available at the scheduled time.

    You do NOT have to attend any of the live sessions. All recordings will be available for a full 60 days following the event. After that, the recorded sessions will be added to our video library.

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