what should we expect?

Here we go again… Brokers and employers have spent the past seven years trying to understand and adapt to the Affordable Care Act, and now President-Elect Trump says he’s going to repeal President Obama’s signature health reform legislation.

But now he might be backtracking a little. In a recent 60 Minutes interview, he says that he’ll keep some of the more popular provisions. This has given supporters of the law some hope while bewildering the ACA’s strongest proponents.

So what should we expect? And what should we tell our clients?


Join Us for an Update!

While we don’t yet have all of the details about the “replace” part of “repeal and replace,” it’s important that brokers get a handle on the various provisions that might be changing and, more importantly, when they might be changing. This is critical for agents who want to provide their clients with timely and actionable information and for advisers who want to use this opportunity to expand their business. Remember, the early years of Obamacare were a bit of a land grab for agents who understood the law better than their competition. The early months of 2017 will be no different.

That’s why the duo of Josh Hilgers and Eric Johnson have prepared a pair of 90-minute webinars for brokers who want to take advantage of the huge opportunities created by this historic presidential election.


A Track Record of Success

The two presenters have a long history of talking about the Affordable Care Act, so their insight during this time of uncertainty will be invaluable.

Eric Johnson founded a continuing education company the week the ACA was signed into law and has been educating agents and employers about its very confusing provisions ever since. Back in 2012, Eric put together a four-hour “Health Reform Boot Camp” to help brokers understand how health reform would change the way they do business. Hundreds of agents from across the state of Texas attended and, considering that everything was up in the air at that point, he was pretty accurate with his predictions.

After receiving most of the final rules, he updated the info and presented an eight-hour edition of the Boot Camp in 2014 followed by additional updates the next two years. Again, hundreds of brokers attended, and the feedback was overwhelmingly positive.

Feedback from the Health Reform Boot Camp:

Hands down, the most useful, interesting CE class I’ve ever attended. I love this because it is so relevant! -Joseph, Round Rock, Texas

This class was helpful and very informative. Highly recommend! In a time when everyone seems to be freaking out, I appreciate the moderate presentation of facts to help brokers adapt and change. -Jessica, Austin, Texas

This was an excellent training. I look forward to a future training on this topic when more details are revealed and confirmed. Your insight on the topic has been helpful. Thank you! -Denise, Lindsay, Texas

When the ACA became law, Josh saw where the market was heading and created a company that helped agents automate their individual sales by pairing private exchange technology with a world-class call center. Brokers nationwide were able to put the sales process on auto-pilot and focus instead on finding prospects and adding leads to the funnel.

With the promise to repeal the ACA while retaining some of the more popular provisions, including some form of guaranteed issue, the new administration could finally give the defined contribution strategy the green light. If so, it will completely change both the group and individual markets.


“After ACA” Event Details

All attendees will be invited to attend both of our live webinar sessions and will have access to the recordings afterwards. The best way to take advantage of the amazing new opportunities is to start early. Our “After ACA” update is a great start.
The first session, which we’re nicknaming “UNCERTAINTY,” will be Tuesday, November 29 from 2pm to 3:30pm CST. This webinar will focus on:

–the likely changes to the Affordable Care Act,

–the probable timing of those changes,

–the possible replacement plan, and

–most importantly, what to tell your clients.

The second session, which we’re nicknaming “OPPORTUNITY,’ will be Wednesday, November 30 from 2pm to 3:30pm CST. Webinar two will focus on:

–the detailed effects by market segment,

–what the carriers are talking about behind the scenes,

–the “wish list” of agent organizations and industry insiders, and

–most importantly, the opportunities that will emerge as the major provisions of the ACA are rolled back.

Remember, brokers who are prepared to capitalize on these opportunities could see their businesses explode; those who aren’t will once again struggle to hang on to their existing clients.


You can attend both webinars for just $99
and will have access to both recordings through the end of the year.

More Feedback from Prior Attendees:

Interesting and engaging! Gave me the information and tools to remain viable in a changing market. -Walter, Houston, Texas

Great presentation, valuable information, opinions, and predictions. Made everything fairly easy to understand, even to someone who is brand new to the industry. -Cole, Ft. Worth, Texas

Eric always provides up to date information along with relevant examples and insightful opinions, not just his own, but from leaders and innovators in the health insurance industry and legislators. -Sarah, Corpus Christi, TX



Frequently Asked Questions

Do we get CE credit for these presentations?

No, these sessions are being put together quickly, so there wasn’t time to get them approved for continuing education credit. Also, we’ll be talking about how you can make money from the opportunities that will soon present themselves. Sales and agency management topics aren’t eligible for CE in most states.

Can we invite our clients to this event?

We wouldn’t recommend it. While we might host a presentation for employers at a later date, it would be premature right now. These webinars are targeted at the broker community.

Will you be scheduling more webinars as Trump unveils more about his health plan?

We’ve set up this website to provide information about the Republicans’ ACA repeal and replace efforts, so the short answer is yes — we’ll be posting content from industry experts and hosting additional webinars as we learn more. The reason we’ve scheduled these webinars so early in the process is to give you the initial info you need so you can properly advise your clients during the fourth quarter and begin preparing for the upcoming changes. We’re also confident that we’ll provide some information and insights that you won’t hear from the other organizations that will soon be sharing their thoughts.

Will you be providing digital copies of the slides?

Yes, copies of the slides will be available in PDF format the day of the webinars.

Is it possible to register and pay for several people at once or do we have to do it one at a time?

Through the PayPal button below, you must register and pay for each attendee individually. If you’d like to register multiple attendees, please email us with their names and email addresses and we can send you a single invoice that you can pay online or by check.


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Step 3: Join Webinars

After paying, you’ll be redirected to a page where you can register for the “Uncertainty” and “Opportunity” webinars. If you can’t attend the live webinars, no worries. You’ll have access to the recordings afterwards. We’ll send you instructions.