Author: Mark Bellman

Mark Bellman manages the statewide Texas sales and account management teams for the 2-99 commercial business segment of UnitedHealthcare. He is also a pioneer in the introduction of self-funded products to the under 50 employee segment, leading the nation at UHC in ASO sales in small business in 2014 and accounting for over 30% of nationally production. Mark has specialized knowledge and hands-on experience with PPACA, Consumer Driven Health Plans (CDHP), small business plans, small business tax credits, the Healthy Texas program, and self-funded plans. In addition, he has conducted specific research on and developed in-depth knowledge of universal heath care proposals, the uninsured “crisis”, and single payer (socialized medicine) systems. He was a pioneer of HB2015 underwriting and the SB80 concept and products. He also developed and introduced the 12-1 early renewal strategy for small business.